Herbst Umwelttechnik

Herbst Umweltechnik

HERBST UMWELTTECHNIK Offers Three Processes for Hydrosulfide Separation:


1. The HERBST Biofilter is used in sewage treatment plants and for large discharge volumes:


In the HERBST Biofilter, H2S is separated with the aid of "Thiobacillus" micro-organisms on an inorganic carrier material. The process yields sulfuric acid and water. The inorganic bed on which the Thiobacilli live is neutralized continuously using sodium hydroxide. This ensures the desired process stability. The components of the HERBST ´Biofilter are not subject to wear or tear and must therefore never be replaced.


2. Hydrosulfide separation using FerroSorp®DG:


Methane bacteria react sensitively to H2S and thereby impede biogas formation. FerroSorp® DG separates H2S directly in the digestion tower. HERBST UMWELTTECHNIK delivers comprehensive silage systems for FerroSorp® DG as well as FerroSorp® DG dosage and suspension reactors, with which FerroSorp® DG can be introduced into the process efficiently.


3. Adsorptive H2S separation using FerroSorp®S:


To protect the gas-powered heat and power unit, H2S is separated by adsorption prior to combustion. FerroSorp® S is used as the adsorbent. By adding air oxygen into the adsorber, the FerroSorp® S bed is regenerated continuously until the elemental sulfur concentration reaches its maximum value of app. 300gS/kg. The charged FerroSorp® S can be removed from the adsorber and the uncharged

FerroSorp® S introduced continuously.


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