Herbst Umwelttechnik

Herbst Umweltechnik

Landfill Gas Cleaning with the HELASORP® Process

The HELASORP® process was developed specifically for cleaning landfill gases. It separates all high- and low-molecular organic compounds by absorption. These compounds include:


  • Chlorinated hydrocarbons
  • Aromatic hydrocarbons
  • Organic siloxanes

The Advantages of the HELASORP® Process



The HELASORP® process is insensitive to dust, steam, oil vapor, concentration or volume flow fluctuations as well as sulfur and sulfur compounds.



Even at low contaminant concentrations, the HELASORP® process has an efficiency factor of >98%. Changes in contaminant concentration or volume flow fluctuations do not impair the efficiency factor.


Operating Costs

Due to the low temperature of <90° in the desorber and the low gas pressure loss of <15mbar in the absorber, operating costs are extremely low.


We provide the quality solution.

Construction of a HELASORP® plant.