Herbst Umwelttechnik

Herbst Umweltechnik

The problem


Silanes and siloxanes are silicon-based chemical compounds which are increasingly being used in many sectors of industry.
The different silicon compounds pass via the waste route into purification plants or landfill sites.
In modern recycling plants, the resultant biogas or landfill gas is used to produce electrical energy by means of gas engines.
Burning siloxanes in a gas engine results in mineral silicon dioxide deposits which can cause serious damage.
In many cases, this damage casts doubt on the cost-effectiveness of the use of biogas or landfill gas.


The solution


HERBST UMWELTTECHNIK GmbH offers many processes which are suitable for removing siloxane compounds from gases.
The best process depends on the volumemetric flowrate of the gas to be purified and the amount of siloxanes which it contains.


The processes


Condensation of siloxanes using gas cooling followed by an activated charcoal reactor
Separation of siloxane compounds using our iron hydroxide adsorber
Removal of siloxane compounds using our absorptive HELASORP® process.


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