Herbst Umwelttechnik

Herbst Umweltechnik

Construction of the HERBST-Filter


The microorganisms grow in the HERBST-Biofilter on a special HELATROP®-substrate which is flown through by the discharged air that has to be purified. The high effectiveness of the HERBST-Biofilter at a loaddition w need of floor space can be achieved by an ideal process conduct of the biological decomposition. The growth of the microorganisms is e.g. advanced by the of custom-designed nutrients. The inner operating parameters such as micro-organism population, pH-value, nutrient accommodation and pollutant load are adjusted to each particular case at the same time. Despite the intensive biological decomposition in the HERBST-Biofilter the HELATROP®-substrate is not subject to any aging. The usual change of the substrate can thus be omitted.


Application areas


  • waste gas purification
  • smell elimination
  • purification of stripping air
  •  restoration of contaminated sites

Pollutants which can be decomposed with the HERBST-Biofilter


  • hydrosulphid
  • vinyl chloride
  • partly odours 


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