Herbst Umwelttechnik

Herbst Umweltechnik

This economic process can be used for the lasting sanitation of stagnant water whose body and/or depth is sufficiently large to create stable biological conditions for the natural purification of the water.


As a result of the introduction of iron and/or nitrate compounds into the upper nutrientrich layers of sediment, the transport of nutrients and harmful substances into the body of water is greatly reduced by chemical and physical processes. Thus, the nutrient phosphorous or phosphate, which restricts the growth of algae, is found adsorbed to iron compounds. The consequences are a lower level of turbidity and the increased transparency of the water, particularly during periods of algal bloom. In this case, the oxygen which is released on to the water by the ambient air is often sufficient to maintain the regenerative biological processes. If this is not the case, the supply of oxygen to the body of water can beincreased by means of circulation or aeration.







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