Herbst Umwelttechnik

Herbst Umweltechnik

We plan, build and service sludge dehydration and treatment systems for the following materials:

  • Watercourse sediments
  • Waste containing uranium
  • Liquid residues
  • Pasty sludge


Depending on process requirements, either mechanical dehydration systems or static filtration devices are used. Our systems are customized to meet the specific needs of our individual customers.

  • Band Filter and Centrifuge Systems

If large sludge volumes need to be dehydrated continuously, either centrifuges or band filter presses are used.
To ensure that dehydration performance always remains constant, we integrate the diverse treatment steps respectively involved with separate dehydration systems. They include rough matter pre-sorting units and homogenization or other conditioning systems. The system as a whole is fully automated and can be controlled by us if desired using remote electronic monitoring technology.


  • Chamber Filter Presses


Chamber filter presses are used for sludge dehydration if high dry matter content in the filter cake is required. Here, too, we deliver comprehensive system solutions. Depending on process requirements, we equip the system with a complete lime milk treatment unit and/or other conditioning devices.


  • Static Dehydration Systems

Smaller sludge volumes that accrue discontinuously are dehydrated using disposable filter belts or bags. We supply the respective systems for both manual and fully automated operation.


  • Operations Monitoring and Maintenance


Our service portfolio includes operations monitoring and system maintenance. Our electronic remote monitoring systems can monitor and control every process 24/7. This monitoring system enables our mobile maintenance staff to correct faults at very short notice.



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