Herbst Umwelttechnik

Herbst Umweltechnik

The problem


The groundwater or drinking water in many areas of our Earth is polluted with arsenic.
Medical studies have shown that the long-term consumption of arsenic-containing water leads to changes in the skin (hyperkeratoses) and, in the
technology, the cost of achieving this limit is particularly high and thus


The solution


Our special adsorbing agent, FerroSorp® Plus, can provide a solution.
FerroSorp® Plus has iron hydroxide-containing granules which can be used to remove arsenites and arsenates from water.
The first stage is the adsorption of arsenic to the surface of FerroSorp®. The second is a reaction which results in the formation of a stable iron arsenate.
Phosphates, heavy metals and hydrogen sulphide are adsorbed by FerroSorp® Plus.
Our Ferrosorp® Plus filter offers a high level of purification with low purchase and operating costs.
Because of its small size, the filter can be fitted into any existing plant.


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We provide the quality solution.

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