Herbst Umwelttechnik

Herbst Umweltechnik

In biogas extraction systems, Iron-III-Hydroxide is often used for hydrosulfide separation. Since Iron-III-Hydroxide is directly fed to the fermenting system together with the organic materials and then separates the hydrosulfide there, the biogas yield is hotter than in other processes (see process comparison).


In biogas systems from an electrical performance of 250 kW, Iron-III-Hydroxide is usually delivered in big bags.
HERBST UMWELT TECHNIK offers a special conveyor and dosing system specifically for automated Iron-III-Hydroxide withdrawal from the big bags and dosing of Iron-III-Hydroxide in the storage container of the fermenting system or suspension reactor.


This system essentially includes the following assembly groups:


  • Big bag acceptance unit with electrical cable winch
  • Anti-congestion suction unit with suction lance, suction tube and electrical high-performance exhauster
  • Stainless steel storage container with level gauge and FerroSorp® DG dosing system in a performance range of 5 kg to 35 kg per cycle
  • Electrical control technology.

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