Herbst Umwelttechnik

Herbst Umweltechnik

HERBST UMWELTTECHNIK GmbH has been engaged in the field of environmental protection for more than 20 years. We plan, build and service process technology systems, in particular for gas, water and sludge treatment.


Most recently, we have specialised in technologies for the separation of hydrosulfide (H2S), phosphates, arsenic (As) and organic silicon compounds such as silanes and siloxanes. Depending on gas volume flow, we use biological or adsorptive cleaning methods. The adsorbents used include FerroSorp® which is produced by our partner company HEGO-Biotec GmbH.


In the field of water rehabilitation we provide both mechanical and chemical/adsorptive treatment processes. Mechanical processes are applied if sludge has to be removed from the watercourse and then dehydrated. Chemical/adsorptive processes are used for phosphate and hydrosulfide separation as well as sludge treatment.

We provide the quality solution.

"We are not the product of our environment - The environment is the product of human action."

Benjamin Disraeli