Herbst Umwelttechnik

Herbst Umweltechnik

In biogas extraction systems, FerroSorp® DG is often used for hydrosulfide separation. Since FerroSorp® DG is directly fed to the fermenting system together with the organic materials and then separates the hydrosulfide there, the biogas yield is hotter than in other processes (see process comparison).

For big biogas plants as well as fermenting systems with high hydrosulfide concentrations, in which FerroSorp® consumption is >500 kg per day, HERBST UMWELTTECHNIK provides special silo and FerroSorp® dosage systems.

Augers, micro-dosers or pneumatic conveyers are used for FerroSorp® dosing. The systems principally include the following assembly groups:


  • Silo with a volume >40m³, along with filter, filling pipe and discharge unit
  • Conveyor system to the site of use
  • Dosing technology
  • Gauge and control unit


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