Herbst Umwelttechnik

Herbst Umweltechnik

We purify:


  • Waste water from industrial companies
  • Groundwater
  • Process water
  • Seepage water
  • Surface water

Our purification process:


  • Flocculation with sludge treatment
  • Air stripping process with air stripping treatment
  • Adsorption process

Our special processes


  • Removal of uranium from water using polymer aggregate GoPur® 3000
  • Removal of vinyl chloride from water using our stripping processes with biological air stripping purification


We specialise in providing our customers with complete solutions.

  • Preliminary examinations
  • Process developments
  • Construction of ready-to-use installations
  • Plant monitoring
  • Plant operation
  • Plant maintenance


Our service staff can provide services in the areas of plant operation, remote monito-ring of plant and plant maintenance.

If you wish, we can monitor your plant 24 hours a day from our central control room using EDP technology.

Our mobile operating staff will always be on hand to help you if any faults occur.


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We provide the quality solution.